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Press Release, August 6, 2003


August 6, 2003


Midwest Internet Expands Operations


Indianapolis - Midwest Internet, Inc. ( is expanding its operations to include Frankfort, Marion, and surrounding areas. Midwest Internet, owned by Leo F. Doyle, is Indiana's newest low-cost ISP (Internet Service Provider). Charging only $10 per month for unlimited dial-up access, Midwest Internet is a welcome addition to the ISP market in central Indiana. "Unlike other ISP's that say they are $10 a month, we really are. You can actually buy just one month of Internet for $10." says Leo Doyle, President of Midwest Internet.

Midwest Internet's expansion into these new areas is another milestone in Mr. Doyle's plans to build another successful Internet Service Provider to service Indiana. In 1993, Leo Doyle started Indiana's first ISP, IndyNet, which is now part of Earthlink. Dismayed with what ISPs are charging for their service and wanting to get back into the Internet business, Mr. Doyle decided to start Midwest Internet to offer customers Internet at a reasonable price, just $10 per month. "How do you know if you are paying too much for Internet?" asks Leo Doyle. "Go to your Internet service provider's main web page. If they don't prominently display their price, you are paying too much," Mr. Doyle continued. Just making Internet affordable was not enough for Leo Doyle. He wanted to make the service easy to signup for, easy to pay for and easy to manage. Along with being able to pay for the service by traditional means, i.e. credit card and automatic bank account deduction, Midwest Internet subscribers can by PayPalŪ, or by prepaid Internet Card. Midwest Internet's prepaid Internet card allows customers who don't have credit cards and/or bank accounts to pay $10 cash for a month of Internet by buying a prepaid card at a local retailer. "This innovation allows Midwest Internet to supply Internet to a segment of the population that would not otherwise be able to access the Internet," says Leo Doyle.

Midwest Internet, Inc. ( offers unlimited dial-up Internet service for $10 a month. Some cities currently being served include Frankfort, Marion, Indianapolis, Shelbyville, Martinsville, Lebanon, Kokokmo, Lafayette, Anderson, and Muncie, with expansion into other areas planned for the near future. Midwest Internet offers aggressive pricing for business Internet services including commercial web site hosting starting at $10 a month, high-speed leased lines, co-location, and managed servers. For more information about Midwest Internet, Inc., please call 317-287-3232, send an e-mail message to, or go to


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