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Trouble Shooting for Dial Up Connections.

Trouble Shooting for Dial Up Connections.
Windows 95, 98, 98-SE, ME

01. View the “Network Control Panel”

(A) The “Network Control Panel” can be viewed by clicking on “My Computer”, then “Control Panel”, then “Network”.


(B) If the “Network Control Panel” does not exist then:

  • Find “Network Neighborhood” on the Desktop,
  • Right click on “Network Neighborhood”
  • Select “Options” at the bottom of the list.

(C) If “Network Neighborhood” does not exist:

  • Click on the “Start” button in the lower left hand corner
  • Select “Help” in the pop-up menu
  • In the “Index” tab you should see “Type in the keyword to find:”
  • Type: “Client for Microsoft Networks”
  • In the list below select: “Client for Microsoft Networks”
  • Click the “Display” button in the lower right hand corner
  • In the instructions to the right you should see… “Click Here” to open the Network dialog box.

In the “Network Control Panel” there should be only three components.

  • ”Client for Microsoft Networks”
  • ”Dial Up Adapter”
  • ”TCP/IP”

If other components exist such as “AOL Adapter” or “AOL Dial Up Adapter”, please remove. Make sure “Primary Network Logon” is set to: “Client for Microsoft Networks”. With these correct settings most (90%) of computers running Windows should work correctly.

Make sure "Client for Microsoft Networks", "DialUp Adapter" and "TCP/IP" are your only Network components. If other components are present, select those components and click "remove"  -the lower middle button between "add" and "properties".–

Click "add" to add Network Components. Click "remove" to remove Network Components.

If you need to add "Client for Microsoft Networks", "DialUp Adapter" or "TCP/IP" click "add" and select:

"client" for "Client for Microsoft Networks".

"adapter" for "DialUp Adapter".

"protocol" for "TCP/IP"

Always select "Microsoft" when adding components.

After selecting all the components Windows might ask you to insert the CD labeled: “Windows Installation CD”. Be sure to have this handy. Then reboot.

After rebooting Follow these steps.
1. Return to the Control Panel… You might already be there…

Double click on “Internet Options”
Click on the “Connections” tab in the middle.
Click on the “Setup” button. It could be labeled “Connect”.

 Select “I want to set up my Internet Connection Manually” click “next”

Select “Phone Line and Modem”…

Type the appropriate area code and phone number from the list below :

Cities Served Dial Up Numbers
Indianapolis and surrounding suburbs (317) 713-2769
Shelbyville (317) 395-5062
Anderson and Muncie (765) 442-0000
Martinsville (765) 343-5062
Lebanon (765) 484-0205
Lafayette (765) 237-5575
Kokomo (765) 450-0001

VERY IMPORTANT:It is your responsibility to check with your local phone company to ensure that the Midwest Internet access number you use is a local call. Midwest Internet is not responsible for any long distance fees you might incur when connecting to the Internet.

Type your “UserName” and “PassWord”.

Type “Midwest Internet”

Select “Yes”

Select “Create a new Internet Mail Account”

Type in your display name here
'Johnny Doe'

 Type in your E-Mail account here

Use ‘’ as ‘Incoming’ Mail Server
Use '' as 'Outgoing' Mail Server

  “UserName” and “Password”

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